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Arq MundiIndications: Purifies the blood, improves the eyesight, strengthens the noble organs & pneuma (Arwah).
Dosage & mode of administration:125 ml. mixed with Sharbat Unnab 25 ml.
 Arq M Musaffi KhoonIndications: Purifies the blood. Beneficial in boils and abscess, useful in saudawi ailments and gonorrhoea.
Dosage & mode of administration: 125 ml. mixed with Sharbat Unnab 25 ml.
Habbe Musaffi Khoon
Indications: Blood purifier, beneficial for pustules and syphilis. 
Dosage & mode of administration: 2 pills with water, morning and evening
Majoon Ushba

Indications: Blood purifier, beneficial in rheumatic arthritis, leprosy and other ailments produced due to blood decomposition
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 gms. with water.

Musaffi AjeebMusaffi Ajeeb is very effective medicine of skin eruptions, pimples, boils, heat rashes, itching, nose bleeding, chronic constipation, measles a burning sensation while urination & general lassitude and most other problems cause of blood impurities or changing seasons. 
Dosage & mode of administration: 10 ml mixed with fresh water ,milk or juice of fresh fruits,morning and evening.
 Sharbat Unnab 200 MLIndications:  Controls the hyperthermia and plethora, purifies the blood, beneficial for headache, cough and chest pain.
Dosage & mode of administration: 25- 50 ml. mixed with water. N.B.: Besides above, Itrifal shahtara, Majoon Chob Chini are also beneficial.

Musaffi Ajeeb, Majoon Chobchini, Araq Ushba, Araq Murakkab Musaffi e Khoon, etc. and other blood purifier are beneficail in scrofula. 
Musaffi Ajeeb and other blood purifiers are beneficial in this ailment. 
Safoof Bars 200 GMIndications: Beneficial for leucoderma and well trialed for the same ailment. After few days utilisation, natural complexion of the skin starts to replace the white patches. No indigenous or English drug has been reported so much effective as yet.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 gms. of this powder soaked in the warm water at night, be drink after pouring off in the subsequent morning, and the waste should be applied on the spot after grinding in vinegar or water.
NOTE: For complete cure, this drug should be utilised at least for a period of four months on regular basis.


1. Blood Cleansing Fast:
Blood Cleansing Fast is one of the most naturally effective ways with which you can cleanse your blood in an absolute manner. For doing this, you need to know about some of the special facts which can help you get more benefits from the process of natural blood cleansing via blood cleansing fast. Here below are some of the points to know about the fast for blood cleansing.You are at first required to choose a proper time for the fast.It must be remembered not to undergo any heavy physical work of exercise/sports etc during the blood cleansing fast as this process requires a conservation of energy.It is appropriate to do the blood cleansing fast primarily during spring or summer.Take enough of water during the blood cleansing fast. It is recommended to take at least 8 cups of water a day while under going blood cleansing fast.Make sure you are under a diet of raw vegetables for at least a week before the blood cleansing fast.Get an absolute mind set up for undergoing the blood cleansing fast and only then begin the fast. A mentally unsatisfied mind will never be benefited from this natural way of cleansing blood.

2. Blood Cleansing Diet/Food:
Blood cleansing diet/food also called as natural blood purification diet is explained as an eating plan which helps a person to eliminate the impurities and toxins present in the bloodstream. Blood cleansing foods/diets includes not only the fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices etc but also the juices, tea, etc which actually help in purifying or detoxifying the blood in a natural yet effective manner. More about these blood cleansing diet can be known from the below section.

3. Blood Cleansing Herbs and Spices:
It is a well known fact that many of the herbs and some spices helps in purifying the blood and are thus referred to as one of the most common and widely used natural blood cleansers.Spices like ginger, garlic etc are used for cleansing blood in a herbal manner. Ginger root and garlic juices can be taken by preparing them at home naturally or homemade ginger tea can be prepared to serve for natural blood purification.Herbs like Alfalfa, red clover, dandelion, Sarsaparila, Cilantro, Echinacea etc are used in detoxifying blood and thus are effective blood cleanser.Alfalfa is a herbal cleanser which also helps in stabilizing the ph levels. It mainly works in easing inflammation.Red Clover is an excellent natural blood purifier which greatly benefits the people coming out of various diseases or infections.The various compounds present in Cilantro helps in binding the heavy metals and thus helps in removing impurities from blood. This is one of the most potent natural blood purifier.Yellow dock root and Poker root are also natural blood cleanser and lymph cleanser and helps in effective functioning of lymph glands and overall body functioning. Both these herbs are naturally also used as traditional formula for anticancer treatment.

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