Brain And Nerves Detail

Diseases of the Brain and Nerves
(Amraze-E-Dimagh Wa Asaab)
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Habbe Shifa

Indications: Relieves the headache and cures the chronic fevers. 
Dosage & mode of administration: I pill with water in the morning at empty stomach.

Itrifal Kishnizi

Indications: Tones up the brain and stomach, removes the constipation, relieves the chronic coryza for ever after
continuous use and even con-sequences of coryza eg. headache, giddiness, conjunc-tivitis and otalgia etc. It is
also beneficial for gas forma-tion in the stomach. 

Dosage & mode of administration: 5 to 10 gms. with lukewarm water at bed time.

Itrifal Sanai

Indications: Beneficial for chronic headache, migraine and vertigo. It also cures the constipation. 
Dosage and mode of administration : 5 to 10 gms. With water or milk at bed time.
 Itrifal Zamani
Indications: Cleanse the stomach and intestines from excreta and stops the forma-tion of the bad and foul gases in the stomach,
removes the constipation after increasing the mesenteric movements of the intestines, cleanse the brain and cures the conjunc-tivitis
caused by melancholic matter of the brain.It has also limited effect for melancho-lia and colic pain. 

Dosage & mode of administration: 5 to10 gms. with lukewarm water at bed time. For 10-15 years: 3 gms. as above.
 Roghan KadduIndications: Relieves the headache caused by sun stroke or intensity of heat, removes the dryness of brain, produces
coldness and thus induces sleep. 

Quantity & mode of application: Apply and massage on the scalp and forehead. One or two drops should be instilled in both the nostrils and ears.
Roghan KahuIndications: It relieves the headache caused due to intensity of heat. It induces sleep curing the dryness and providing
soothing effect on brain. 

Quantity & mode of application: Roghan Kahu should be applied on the scalp and forehead and few drops be instilled in the nostrils and ears
Itrifal KishmishiIndications: Strengthens the heart and brain. Beneficial in premature ejaculation and spermatorrhoea.Removes the constipation. 
Dosage & mode of administrations: 5 to 10 gms. with lukewarm water orally at bed time.
Itrifal UstokhuddusIndications: Cleans the brain and stomach from wastes, strengthens the brain, useful in chronic catarrh. Its regular use maintains the black colour of the hair and reverts premture gray hair to black.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 to 10 gms. with lukewarm water at bed time.

Khamira Gauzaban AmbariIndications: Strengthens the brain and heart , removes the palpitation, improves the memory and strengthens the eyesight. Beneficial for mental workers if taken regularrly.
Dosage & mode of administrations: 5 to 10 gms. at empty stomach in the morning or as per requirement.
Deseases of the Hair
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