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Jawahar Mohra

Indications: It is one of the high significant drugs of Unani Medicine. It increases the ‘medicatrix naturae’ (hararate gharizi), tones up the heart. A marvelous cardiac drug which affects till the last moment. Miraculous effect may be observed in syncope.
Dosage & mode of administration: 60 mg. or 1 tab. with Khamira Gauzaban Ambari Jawahar Wala 5 gms., in severe cases, it should be given duly mixed with Dawaulmisk Motadil Jawahar wali 5 gms. For children: ½ tab.

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Jawarish Shahi

Indications: Exhelarant, cardio brain tonic, removes theperplexity, fear and flatulance.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 – 10 gms. to be taken with fresh water in the morning at empty stomach or at bed time .

Khamira Abr. Hakim Arshadi

Indications: Cardio-brain tonic and removes the relevant disorders. Maintains the equilibrium, corrects the hyper-sensitivity of nerves, beneficial in melancholia and palpitation, removes the negative thinking, increases the blood production strengthening the liver. Well tried tonic for the period of convalescence. Highly beneficial for patients of Atony of heart.
Dosage & mode of administration: 3 to 6 gms. with milk or water at empty stomach in the morning; For children: According to their age, half or ¼ dose be given.

Dawaulmisk Motadil Jawahar

Indications: Strengthens the vital (noble) organs, improves the blood circulation, strengthens the heart, re-moves the perplexity, nor-malises the tachycardia and palpitation, increases the blood production.
Dosage & mode of administration: 3-6 gms. with milk or water. For children: Half or 1/4th. dose be given according to the age.

Kushta Aqeeq

Indications: Cardio-tonic, heals the holes and cavities of the lungs.
Dosage & mode of administration: 60 mg. or 2 tabs. duly mixed with Khamira Marwarid.

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Habbe Jawahar

Indications. Beneficial in the post convalescence of long term ailments, improves ‘me-dicatrix naturae’, regains vi-tality. Strengthens the sen-sory and motor parts of the brain and improves the func-tion of its gray matter. Cardio-brain tonic.
Dosage & mode of administration: 1 pill with milk, morning and evening. In severe cases, should be taken at empty stomach duly mixed with 5 gms. of Dawaulmisk Motadil.

Habbe Khas

Indications: Cardio-brain tonic having significant effect on nervous system and male sexual power.
Direction(s) : 1 pill with water or milk in the early morning and evening.

Heartorex Syrup

Indications: Cardio-tonic and exhilarant. Regularises the cardiac beat and rate, beneficial in bradycardia and cardiac weakness, safeguard in various cardio vascular ailments. e.g. palpitation, de-pression, terror, anxiety, hypertension and collapse etc.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 to 10 ml twice a day morning & evening.

Heartorex Pills

Useful in Heart Troubles

Heartorex has a soothing effect on the nervous system thereby controlling tachycardia anxiety, stress & depression. It also lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It is useful in several cardia-vascular diseases such as palpitation, collapse & weak heart.


1 pill to be taken with water or 5 gms. Khamira Marwarid in the morning or as and when required.

Dawaulmisk Motadil

Indications: Removes the weakness of liver and sto-mach, useful in palpitation and syncope. Beneficial in covalescence and general de-bility.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 gms. with fresh water or Araq Gauzaban 125 ml. in the morning.

Khamira Sandal Sada

Indications: Very useful for palpitation and tachycardia.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 gms. morning and evening.

Qurs Fizza

Indications: Removes the cardiac atony and palpitation.It is also beneficial in the weakness of brain.
Dosage & mode of administration: 1 tab. Should be taken with Khamira Gaozaban Ambari Jawahar Wala 5 gms.
N.B.: Besisde,Sharbat Gulab, Sharbat Khus are also useful, which have been described in ‘Ayurvedic Medicines.

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Dawaush-Shifa controls the hypertension which have been described in mania.
The following medicines are useful in this condition: Habb-e-Jawahar, Habb e-Ambar Momyai, Araq Maullaham, Habb-e-Khas, Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala, Dawaulmisk Motadil Jawahar Wali, Kushta Faulad, Rexotone & REX health Tonic etc.

 Diseases of the Chest Knoe More Detail  chest 

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