Diseases of Intestines

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Habbe Pechish B. Khas

Indications: Useful for all kinds of dysentery. It re-moves not only painful and colic condition but also checksthe

bleeding of bacil-lary dysentery.

Habbe Sumaq

Indications: Stomachic. Checks the diarrohea caused due to atony of stomach and intestines.

Jawarish Amla

Indications: Stomachic, car-dio-brain tonic. Checks the bilious diarrhoea, reduces the hepatic hyperthermia,

benefi-cial  in flatulence and palpita-tion. 

Jawarish Mastagi

Indications: Absorbs the putrid and bad humours of the stomach. Useful in excretion of saliva, polyurea and

diarrhoea, beneficial in phlegmatic diseases. 

Majoon Sangdana Murgh

Indications: Useful in stomach atony, beneficial in diarrhoea caused by atony of gastro-intestinal tract, improves

the digestion. 

Safoof Muqliasa

Indications: It is useful in chronic diarrhoea and dysentery, reduces the gastric pain and colic pain. Useful in

internal piles.

Itrifal Mulaiyan

Indications: Cleanse the ga-stro-intestinal tract from ex crerta, useful to remove the constipatin, beneficial in 

Jawarish Kamooni Mushil

Indications: Beneficial for urticaria, gastric disturbances and constipation.







Diseases of the Pancreas, Kidneys and Bladder kidney healthmartindia

Qurs Mulaiyan

Indication: It is very useful to cleanse the excreta from stomach and intestines in constipation. These pills are also
used in coryza and cold, conjunctivitis and diseases of nose and ear for the removal of constipation. 

Habbe Bawasir

Indications: Very useful in internal piles and haemorrho-ids. This drug has been trialed successfully on thousands of

patients. Checks the bleeding and resolves the warts. 

Habbe Muqil

Indications: Beneficial in internal piles, removes the constipation.

Habbe Rasaut

Indications : Cheks the he-morrhoids and hemorrhoidal diarrhoea. 

Itrifal Muqil

Indications: Very useful for internal piles. Dropouts the inflamed warts removing the constipations. 

Itrifal Deedan

Indications: Not only vermi-cide of all types of intestiminal worms but also stops their reproduction in future. 



Diseases of the Pancreas, Kidneys and Bladder kidney healthmartindia






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