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Habbe Amber Momyai (Silver Coated)

Indications: Cardio - brain, nerve tonic. Safeguard for libido in male.
Removes the weakness of noble organs. Aphrodisiac.

Dosage & mode of administration: 1 pill with milk, morning and evening.

Habbe Amber Momyai (Gold Coated)

Indications: Cardio- brain, nerve tonic. Safeguard for libido in male. Removes the weakness of noble and reproductive organs due to wrongfully over indulgence in sexual act during young age. It also removes the weakness arised soon after coitus. It is effective in the management of continuous lack of interest in life and sex after sexual intercourse. Best result may be observed after its use for a reasonable period.

Dosage & mode of administration : 1 pill with luke warm milk morning and evening.


Habbe Muqavvi

Indications: The central repositories of human vital force are heart, brain
and testicles. The health, vigour & vitality and youthfulness of human beings is
based upon the proper functioning of these organs. Dysfunction of any of these
leads to various ailments e.g. mental and physical weakness, gastric disorders,
headache, loss of vision, insomnia, lethargies and fatigue and other morbid
complaints. e.g. male sexual debility viz. spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emission,
premature ejaculation, seminal dilution etc. REX REMEDIES has the privilege to
prepare Habb-e- Muqauvi with such type of drugs which have direct effect on central
nervous system, consequently it maintains almost all forces and increases the vigour
and vitality...................................................................................................

Dosage & mode of administration : 1 pill with any type of fruit juice, at bed time.

Habbe Jalinoos

Indications: These neurotonic pills strengthens the sexual power.

Dosage & mode of administration: 2 pills with milk 250 ml. in the
morning or at bed time.


Habbe Nishat

Indications: These pills are aphrodisiac having the reten-tive effects.
Its continuous utilisation increases the mat-ing period and enhances the
viscosity of semen.

Dosage & mode of administration : 1 pill with milk 250 ml. after
digestion of food and before two hours of act.

Halwa Salab

Indications: This Halwa is high class aphrodisiac. In-creases the production of re-productive matter (semen) and checks the general debili-ty, increases the haemoglobin in the body and improves the health.

Dosage and mode of administration: 25 gms. followed by 250 ml. milk in the morning.


Jauhar Khusia Capsule

Indications: Improves the libido increasing the orgasm, removes the sexual
debility through increasing the pro-duction of reproductive mat-ter i.e. semen
and its consis-tency.Improves the general health and increases the in-nate
heat also.
Direction(s) : 1 cap. with milk, 250 ml. in the morning. For better result, it
may be given with Labub Kabir or Majoon Salab followed by milk.

Laboob Saghir

Indications : Increases the production of reproductive matter viz. semen
strengthens the sexual power

Dosage & mode of administration: 10 gms. should be taken followed
by milk 250 ml.

Majoon Aspand Sokhtani

Indications: This drug contains a special herb as main ingredient and has
been prepared with special method. It is safeguard for male sexual strength,
removes the complaint of premature ejaculation. This drug produces stiffness
in the penis and is very useful for sexual debility.

Dosage & mode of administration : 5-10 gms. with lukewarm milk.

Laboob Kabir

Indications: Innate heat of kidneys decreases due to wrongfully overindulgence in sexual act during young age or due to old age which leads to decrease the production of reproductive matter and alsoweakens the sexual desire.Urine becomes turbid and red in colour, spermatorrhoea becomes
general phenomena.For these conditions, it is a successful medicine, through which our physicians provided the relief to lacs of sufferers. Its utilisation tones up the kidneys regenerating its innate heat. Pleasure of youthfulness and life restores due to increased production of reproductive matter. Sexual desire improves and even potentiates successfully.
Dosage & mode of administration: 6 gms. followed by milk 25 ml. in the morning.


Majoon Jalali

Indications: Very nice sexual tonic and stimulant. Nourishes the reproductive organs
and consequently increases the orgasm and even sperm count. Stimulates the central
nerves responsible for sexual act, improves the retentive power which consequently
prolongs the period of enjoyment.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 gms. with milk in the morning.

Majoon Jalinoos Lulvi

Indications: Improves the male sexual power, removes the debility
of each organs, maintains the vigour and vitality of sexual organs. Produces plenty of pure and good blood. Removes the general debility.
Dosage & mode of administration : 5 gms. with milk, in the morning and night. For more efficacy, it may be given with Habb-e-Ambar Momyai one pill.


Majoon Piyaz

Indications: The principal ingredient of this Majoon is piyaz (onion), which is an
effective ingredient for libido in men. This aphrodisiac Majoon stimulates the orgasm
in male, increases
the productions of semen and strengthens the kidneys.
Dosage & mode of administration : 5 gms. with milk in the morning.


Majoon Salab

Indications: Removes the impotency and spermatorrhoea, checks the seminal
dilution, removes the sluggishness, feebleness and obliquity of penis and
strengthens the tissues of male organ and increases the sexual vigour and stiffness
in penis.Pleasant increase of sexual force may be felt after regular use for 3-4 weeks.
Dosage & mode of administration : 5 gms. with milk, in the morning.

Majoon Tila

Indications: This Majoon cures the sexual debility caused by excessive sexual act or due to any genral ailment, produces the full erection of penis. Cardiotonic and exhilarant. Cures the general weakness.
Dosage & mode of administration: 3 gms. Majoon with Maullaham Khas 60 ml. or milk 250 ml.

Rex Kaamki Gold

Indications: it is a successful medicine to provide the vigour & vitality &
ardour of youthfulness,
increases the viscosity of semen and cures the
premature ejaculation. Due to its valuable
ingredients e.g. Kushta Tila, zafran,
abrak , satawar & asgandh etc, It not only removes the male sexual debility but
also proves a safeguard for health & youthfulness. It may be used for a long
period without any side effect and consequently health and youthfulness may be
maintained easily.

Direction(s) : REX Kamki Gold 5 gms. packet should be taken with lukewarm
milk at bed time.

Rex Kaamki Silver

Indications: This special product of REX REMEDIES is a repository of health & vitality for the youths. Its use in spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation proved very effective. Its regular use maintains the health, strengthens the brain, removes the mental strains, increases the weight. It is a gift for slim youths. Its utilisation is beneficial for married and unmarried men alike.

Direction(s) : A 5 gms. packet of REX Kamki Silver should be taken with lukewarm milk at bed time.



For Happy Married Life

In happy married life, male sexual abilities play an important role. Shabab-e-Azam
improves power of erection, nourishes the local muscles and provides the orgasm
with full stiffness in the penis, prolongs the mating period and provides extra sexual
pleasure to both.


5 gms. morning and evening with milk.


Goli Nawab Ali Shah

Use in Sexual Debility

Activates the chief organs of the body. Corrects sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, involuntary discharge of semen, functional impotence, depressed libido, unsatisfactory erection and related disorders. Replenishes the vital forces, enhances energy and stamina and makes the body organs and muscles strong.


1 Pill 2 hours before intended intercourse on an empty stomach or after complete digestion of food with 250 ml warm milk. No food should be given between taking the Pill till after intercourse. Those suffering from permanent lack of vitality should be given half a Pill daily, at bed time, with warm milk.


Habbe Jadwar

Indications: Aphrodisiac and retentive, strengthens the brain, cures spermatorrhoea
and premature ejaculation. Beside, beneficial in common cold and cough.

Dosage & mode of administration : 1-2 pills along with Khamira Gauzaban Ambar
i 6 gms. alongwith milk in the morning & evening.

Habbe Jiryan

Indications: Controls all kinds of seminal discharge of pre or post micturition. Checks the seminal dilution. Improves the consistency of semeninal fluid.
Dosage & mode of administration: 2 pills with water, morning and evening. For more efficacy, it should be taken with Majoon Mughalliz Sada 6 gms.


Habbe Mumsik

Indications: Improves the sexual power, increases the retention period delaying
the discharge.

Dosage & mode of administration : 1 pill with milk at bed time. For more efficacy,
it should be given with Majoon Jalali 6 gms

Habbe Mumsik Tilai

Indications: Increases the retentive power. Strengthens the nervous system.
Dosage & mode of administration : 1 pill with milk 250 ml. two hours before sexual intercourse while food is digested.



Useful in Nocturnal Emmission & Spermatorrhoea

Those youth who destroys their human power with wrong doings becomes the
victims  of several nightfall’s in a single night. Nocturnal emissions occurred due
to several reasons like masturbation, unnatural sex or excess of the sex. Jiryani
checks excessive nocturnal emission and remove debility arising from it.


2 pills each in the morning and night with Majoon Arad Khurma 10 gms.
with milk or water.

Kushta Musallas

Indications: Beneficial in spermatorrhoea, increases the viscosity of semen, cures the premature ejaculation and excessive nocturnal emission.
Dosage & mode of administration:30-60 mg. or 1-2 tabs. be taken duly kept in Majun Arad Khurma 10 gms.


Kushta Qalai

Indications: Useful in spermatorrhea, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation and dilusion of semen, increases the production of reproduction matter. Suitable in every season for every age.
Dosage & mode of administration: 60 mg. or 2 tabs. mixed with majoon Arad khurma. followed by milk.

Kushta Sadaf

Indications: Beneficial for spermatorrhoea in male and leucorrhoea in female. Tones up the heart.
Dosage & mode of administration: 60 mg. or 2 tabs. mixed in Majoon Supari Pak 6 gms.


Majoon Arad Khurma

Indications: After checking the hypersensitivity, cures the spermatorrhea, loss of viscosity
, premature ejaculation and excessive nocturnal emission. Corrects the consolidation of semen,
increases the sexual desire. This Majoon do not constipates due to addition of laxative drugs as
corrective adjuvant.
Dosage & mode of administration : 10 gms. mixed with Kushta Qalai 60 mg. or 2 tabs.
 should be taken with milk, in the morning. Only Majun may also be taken.

Majoon Anjdaan Khas

Remedy for Men

Beneficial in all kind of spermatorrhoea. Useful in prostatitis and enlargement of prostate glands. Increases viscosity of semen, prolongs mating period and strengthens the kidney & bladder.


5 gms. each in morning and evening with fresh water or milk.


Majoon Falasfa

Indications: Neuro-tonic, aphrodisiac and semenogenic. Beneficial in backache, renal
and joint pain. Useful in incontinence of urine, removes the bad breath and clears the face colour.

Dosage & mode of administration: 5-10 gms. with water, morning and evening

Majoon Mughalliz

Indications: Increases the viscosity of semen. Aphrodisiac having good potency. Checks the complaints of premature ejaculation and spermatorrhoea.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 – 10 gms. with milk in the morning.


Majoon Mughalliz Jawahar

Indications: Increases the viscosity of semen. Improves the natural retention
power after removing the problem of premature ejaculation.
Direction(s) : 5 gms. with milk, in the morning and evening

Majoon Muqavvi Wa Mumsik

Indications: This Majoon is very effective to increase the retentive power and sexual

Dosage & Mode of administration: 1.5 gms. Majoon should be taken along
with milk 250 ml. two hours in advance to sexual intercourse but after digestion of food.

Majoon Mumsik Muqavvi

Indications: This product of REX REMEDIES is a boon for those patients who suffer badly from premature ejaculation, seminal dilution and impotency due to overindulgence in sexual act and masturbation prior to marriage. It has miraculous effect in hypersensitivity, premature ejaculation, lack of seminal viscosity.

Dosage &,mode of administration:

  • For temporary effect: 2 gms. with milk two hours before coitus.
  • For permanent cure: 1 gm. with milk at bed time on regular basis.

Qurs Jiryan

Indications: Sensitivity of sexual organs increases due to overindulgence in sexual act, masturbation and other bad habits of youth age leading to spermatorrhoea, secretion of Cowper’s glands and excessive nocturnal emission. These complaints removes rapidly after utilisation of Qurs Jiryan.
Dosage & mode of administration: 4 Qurs with milk or water in the morning and at bedtime


Qurs Salajeet

Indications: Useful in all kinds of Spermatorrhoea and cowper’s glands secretion etc.,
These ailments cures shortly after utilisation of these tabs.It also checks the polyuria and
is beneficial for general debility. 

Dosage & mode of administration: 2 tabs. with milk in the morning.

Safoof Aslassoos

Indications: Removes spermatorrhoea and checks the seminal dilution . Useful in constipation.
Dosage & mode of administration: Use 5 gms. With fresh milk.


Safoof Beejband

Indications: Spermatorrhoea, lack of seminal viscosity and premature ejaculation.
Dosage mode of administration: 5 gms. with milk.

Roghan Kharateen

Indications: Removes all sexual organic disorders. It not only increases the size and
thickness of the penis but also produces natural erection, stability and steadiness. 

Mode of applications: After application and massage of this Roghan, betel leaf shoul
d be tied on the sexual organ.



Farbah Oil for Men

Farbah is Unani proprietary oil (Tila) with precious herbs. It is useful for stimulation of male organ and effective for its muscular stiffness. It enlarges and thickens the male organ more naturally and safely. It gives very effective results within few minutes after rubbing the oil. It is a proven medicinal oil with amazing results. Lots of people have used this oil with great results!


Apply Farbah oil to be gently massaged over the penis daily at night for minimum 45 days for better results.



Roghan Beer Bahuti

Indications: Its massage strengthens the sexual organ, improves the sexual power, increases
the proper blood circulation in the penis and consequently removes the organic disorders viz. .
prominence of vessels, sluggishness, feebleness and obliquity; consequently provides proper
natural vitality & stiffness and thus full erection takes place in the penis. 
Quantity & mode of application: 8-10 drops should be applied and massaged on genital
organ leaving the glans penis and lower portion.On the appearance of any rashes on the
penis, its use should be discontinued and any cooling oil e.g. Roghan Chameli or Gul Roghan
should be applied thereon.Roghan Birbahooti may be re applied after disappearance of rashes.


(Iltehab-e-Khusia) Drugs described under `blood impurities\' are beneficial in this ailment also. ITCHING OF THE SCROTUM (HIKKATUS-SAFAN)

Drugs described under blood impurities are beneficial in this ailment.

(QILLAT-E-MAN) Shabab-e-Azam, REX Kamki Gold, REX Kamki Silver, Majoon Piyaz, Labub Kabir, Labub Saghir, Majoon Arad Khurma, Majoon Falasfa and Jauahar-e-Khusiya are beneficial in this ailment.


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