Diseases of the Stomach


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Iksir Meda


Habbe Papita

Indications: Improves the digestion, useful in abdomin-al pain, carminative and laxa-tive.

Jawarish Kamooni Akbar

Indications: Laxative, useful in stomach pain and colic, removes the gases.

Jawarish Kamooni Kabir

Indications: Useful in gastralgia & colic pain, removes the gas and has the laxative effect.

Jawarish Bisbasa

Indications: Evacuates the effete matters of the brain. Removes the complaint of indigestion and coldness of the stomach.Useful for flatu-lent piles, safeguard for ab-dominal distension. 

Jawarish Zanjabeel

Indications: Strengthens the stomach, digests the food, improves the appetite, re-moves the gas and nausea . 

Qurs Alkali

Indications:Use of these tablets is very beneficial in the case of sore belch due to indigestion and burning sensation in the stomach, throat and chest. 

Indications: Very useful in the ailments of gastroenterol-ogy. Beneficial in the loss of appetite, flatulence, excessive gas formation and acidic belching etc.

Jawarish Anarain

Indications: Relieves the hyperthermia, stomachic, liver tonic, increases the appetite. 

Jawarish Jalinoos

Indications: It is based on formulation of famous Hakim Jalinoos. Gastro-enteric tonic. Pure saffron and herbal drugs are its ingredients. It is useful for every age and temperament alike. Gastro tone, which is base for health & vitality, is corrected with its use. Beneficial in poor appetite. Removes the constipation, gas formation, ozostomia and headache. Safeguard for premature graying of hair. 

Jawarish ood -e- Shirin

Indications: Tones up the stomach, digests the food and stimulates the appetite.

Jawarish Tamar Hindi

Indications : Checks the sa-fravi diarrhoea and nausea. Tones up the stomach & liver of billious temperament and increases the appetite. Its uti-lisation particularly during summer and cholera epidem-ics, is very useful .

Majoon Nankhah

Indications: Stomachic, appetiser and digestive. 

Safoof Namak Sulaimani

Indications: Stomachic, good appetiser and digestive. Its use removes the gastralgia, heaviness and gases and
corrects the liver function. 

Habbe Halteet

Indications: Digestive and carminative.

Jawarish Kamooni

Indications: Removes the gastric coldness, acidic belch and indigestion. Relieves the fever caused by gastric dysfunction. Cleanse the stomach after evacuating the effete matters, beneficial for constipation. 

Gasonil Pills

Effective in Stomach Troubles & Gastrointestinal

Stimulates appetite and digestion. Effective in stomach troubles and gastrointestinal disorders, such as indigestion, stomach-ache, anorexia, hyperacidity, flatulence, burning sensation in the chest, heaviness after meal and gastric disorders.

Habbe Tankar

Indications: Removes the heaviness and weakness of the stomach. Appetiser and carminative. Removes the gas and chronic constipation. 

Qurs Podina

Indications: Strengthens the stomach, throat and chest, increases the appetite and digests the food .

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