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Arq Rahat Khas

Germicide and Antibacterial

Germicide and antibacterial. This arq kills the gonocoeoal germs present in urinary tract and removes its inflammation. Its remarkable anti inflammatory and irritation efficacy may be clearly observed after utilisation of 2 or 3 days only.




Indications: It removes the sterility of both the partners. It is uterine tonic and aphrodisiac as well as retentive and eradicates the premature ejaculation. It is efficacious preparation for leucorrhoea and its consequences eg. lumbar pain, body ache and weakness.


Habbe Marwaridi

ndications: A marvelous remedy for metritis and leu-corrhoea. Leucorrhoea dete-riorates the beauty of woman which leads oldness in the young age. This drug affects on the internal structure of the uterus and thus stops the white discharge positively without any side effect. The utilisation of this drug re-moves the metritis, endome-triosis and other complaints of the uterus gradually and regains the renascence and new life and youthfulness. 

Kushta Marwarid

Indications: Cardiotonic, exhilarant, useful in men’s spermatorrhoea and women’s leucorrhoea.


Useful in Leucorrhoea

Now a days 75% women are suffering with leucorrhoea. Likorex is recommended in leucorrhoea with vaginal pruritus, burning and discharge. Also useful in itching, irritation, backache, stomachache, excessive urination, lethargy & debility due to leucorrhoea.


Majoon Mochras

 ndications: Astringent for foul uterine exudates, strengthens the uterus, beneficial for leucorrhoeal complaints. 

Majoon Suhagsaunth

 Indications: Useful in almost all the female ailments, strengthens the uterus and removes its several complaints and post delivery debility & relieves the headache.

Majoon Zanjabeel

 Indications: Beneficial in uterine pain, metritis and leu-corrhoea. Removes the post delivery weakness and men-strual irregulation. 

Marham Dakhilyun

 Indications : This Marham dissolves the inflammation of uterus and its related organs (accessories) . Its continuous utilisation not only removes the uterine hardness but also resolves the tumours and glandular nodes. 


Rex Supari Pak Powder

 Remedy for Women & Men

Rex Supari Powder is very important ayurvedic preparation of Rex Remedies. It is recommended in leucorrhoea, excessive menstrual, backache and joint pain. It also concentrates the semen in male.


Safoof Seelan

 Indication : Beneficial for white leucorrhoeal discharge.

Habbe Hamal

Indications: If the sterility is due to atony of the uterus or caused by uterine disorders. In these conditions, Habb-e-Hamal plays important role for conception. 

Halwa Supari Pak

Indications: Couples de-prived from spouse should take this Halwa for 40 days. Their hope will be fulfilled by the grace of Almighty Allah provided that they have no physical deformity. This Halwa also cures the noctur-nal emission, thinness of se-men and premature ejacula-tion in males and leucorrhoea in females. 


Majoon Hamal Amb Alvi Khani

Indications: It is based purely on the formula of famous Hakim Alvi Khan which is very much beneficial for abortion ailments or whose child expires after suffering from infantile epilepsy. 

Majoon Muqavvi Rahem

 Indications: Useful in most of the complications and ailments of the uterus e.g. cervicitis, metritis, salpingitis and ovaritis. This Majoon has unparallel effect in strengthening the uterus and its relevant structures. Being an uterine tonic, it is beneficial in sterility and habitual abortion. In addition to above, it is also useful in leucorrhoea and hysteria. Consumers of this Majoon feel improvement in their health and beauty. 


Majoon Nasharah Aajwali

Indications: This is beneficial for those women who have the history of habitual abortion particularly during 3rd or 4th month of conception. This Majoon is not only safe guard for them but also helps to deliver the healthy baby at right time. 

Majoon Supari Pak

Indications: It is a master piece remedy for leucorrhoeal discharge and uterine atony in female which are responsible for infertility. 

Habbe Mudir

Indications: Beneficial in amenorrhoea and dysmenorr-hoea. Regularises the evacua-tion of decomposed blood activating uterine muscles in natural form. 


Regulates the secretory functions of the ovaries thereby regulating abnormal menstrual periods. Also eliminates distress and pain before and during menstruction, tones up the nerves, act as an uterin tonic.


Histonil 20 Tb.

It is useful in hypertension.


Roghan Zarareeh

Mode of application: Firstly, wash the alopeciac place with carbolic soap or decoction of neem leaves; Later on this roghan should be applied with cotton swab.


Strengthens the hair follicles and prevents falling of hairs. Maintains their black colour and makes them luster and shin. Beneficial in removing the dryness of scalp and keeping the brain fresh



Hairtone (Hair tonic) is formulated from Amla, Shikakai, Gul-e-Surkh, Balchhar, Sandal, Ratanjot and thirteen other herbs in refined Roghan Kunjad base. Hairtone nourishes hair and keeps it free from all diseases and disorder of the scalps. Hairtone is a tonic for all those doing centrated metal labour. It bring and the joy of sound sleep. Regular use of Hairtone keeps your hair healthy, long, and dark silky and vibrant.

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