Saboor Ahmed Siddique
Chairman & Founder
Chairman of Alharmain Pharma (India) Pvt. Ltd. and the main driving force behind the creation of He is a dynamic person with more than 25 years of relevant qualification and diversified work experience and possesses a multi-talented personality and entrepreneurial skills. He owns comprehensive skills, experience and knowledge of various domains related to different industries. During his professional career,  he undertook the jobs of different nature like Accounts, Cost Accounting, Showroom Management, Factory Supervision, Import & Export, Administration & Management, etc.

Mr Siddiqui believes in continuous improvement and development of the workforce, management processes and customer services which is the key to unprecedented growth of the company year on year.  He is a visionary who wishes to implement the latest tools and techniques to make buying and consulting easier.


Mohammed Tariq

Managing Director

Serving APIPL as Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Tariq has the industry experience and exposure of more than ten years. His commitment to meet the role demands, within parameters of organizational environment, leads APIPL to retain the competitive edge among competitors and peers.

Mr. Tariq’s personality reflects a good combination of talent, experience and dedication. He efforts continuously for a more efficient, reliable and result-oriented working.


Shabana Akram

Mrs. Shabana Akram is well-versed with the skills required for an efficient administration. She thoroughly plays her role as a part of company’s management team. Being a good motivator, she constantly encourages APIPL’s Team to touch the new growth heights.
Mrs. Akram is well-equipped with sharp skills to handle the operations in a stream-lined and efficient manner. Her commitment to meet the role demands, within parameters of organizational environment, move us ahead to retain the competitive edge through innovation and value-addition.